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Sustainability Commitment 2030

Redinter, a subsidiary of Redeia, is committed to strategic, transversal and long-term sustainability. Redinter, like Redeia, understands sustainability as a long-term commitment to creating shared value for all stakeholders through the responsible development of our activities.

This commitment is based on 4 priorities and 10 principles:

4 sustainability priorities

  • Anticipation and action for change: To promote a culture of innovation and flexibility that enables us to identify growth opportunities and respond to the challenges of the future, staying ahead and adapting to global trends and the regulatory environment that is arising out of the new energy model.
  • Decarbonisation of the economy: To be a proactive agent in the energy transmission towards a zero-emissions model, focusing efforts on the electrification of the economy and the efficient integration of renewable energies, through the development and operation of energy storage systems and a robust and better connected grid.
  • Responsible value chain: To extend our commitment of responsibility to all of the links of the value chain, from our employees to suppliers and customers, by creating alliances and based on our governance and integrity model.
  • Contribution to the development of the surrounding area: To contribute to economic, environmental and social progress in the environment, by providing an essential service in a secure and efficient way, fostering environmental conservation, enhancing people’s quality of life and social welfare and involving communities in the development of our activities so as to generate mutual rewards that are tangible to that community.
10 principles of sustainability
  • 1 Economic sustainability
  • 2 Excellence and corporate responsibility
  • 3 Innovation
  • 4 Corporate governance and ethics
  • 5 Transparency
  • 6 Talent, diversity and equality.
  • 7 Alliances with stakeholders.
  • 8 Creation of shared value.
  • 9 Protection of the natural environment.
  • 10 Respect for human rights.
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Ethics and compliance are fundamental pillars for Redeia for the proper functioning of its business activity. This entails acting with the highest level of integrity in the fulfilment of the obligations and commitments that the company has taken on, as well as the relations and collaboration with its stakeholders. These commitments are described in the following documents.









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