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Electrical Transmission

Medium and high-voltage electric equipment

Redinter Chile owns 69.9% of the share capital of Red Eléctrica del Norte S.A. (REDENOR), while Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios owns 30.1%. ​ ​ ​ ​

In May 2016, REDENOR was awarded a project for constructing, operating, and maintaining a 278-kilometre, 220 kV transmission line, as well as constructing a Nueva Pozo Almonte substation and three line inlets. This project marks the beginning of a business plan for the Expansion of the Backbone Transmission Systems for Execution and Operation through the exempt decree No. 373, with the Chilean Ministry of Energy.. ​ ​ ​

Power substations play a crucial role, as they serve as the entry and exit points for energy transmission over long distances, as well as for regulation and distribution purposes. It is essential to ensure their correct operation and maintenance throughout their lifespan through regular maintenance activities. Redinter's high voltage division provides services that meet the specific requirements of these types of installations. ​ ​ ​

Protection systems

Protection systems are vital for the safe operation of electrical systems. The proper functioning of a protection relay needs to be verified throughout its lifespan, from the production phase through to commissioning, periodic maintenance, and conducting relevant analytical tests to identify any potential failures. Redinter's protection division offers comprehensive testing solutions that cover all these aspects. ​ ​

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