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Redinter - XIX ERIAC
Redinter brings together experts in the electricity market with its participation in the XIX ERIAC in Brazil

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This event, which took place from May 21 to 25 in Foz do Iguaçu, the company had a space to share its experience in Latin America and its next steps in Brazil.


With the aim of positioning the company's brand and growth strategy, both in Latin America and Brazil, Redinter participated in the "CIGRE Ibero-American Regional Meeting" ("ERIAC"), the most important international CIGRE Seminar in the Ibero-American CIGRE Region (“RIAC”), which was attended by markets from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Portugal.

The company participated as a speaker through Carlos René de Kergariou, Commercial and Project Manager of Redinter and representative of CIGRE in Peru; Hugo Barreda, Redinter Project Management Coordinator in Peru; and Eva Pagán, Corporate Director of Sustainability and Studies at Redeia, Redinter's parent company. In addition, we have a stand where information about Redinter, Elewit and Redeia was provided.

For Juan Collado, country manager of Redinter in Brazil, the company's participation in the XIX ERIAC is an excellent opportunity to learn about electricity market trends and share, through the experience of experts, key issues related to management.

"Currently, we work with a centralized and automated management of maintenance plans, achieving in 2022 a global availability index of transmission systems of 99.78%. Our participation is of the utmost importance, since we will continue to invest in the business of transmission in Brazil", he concludes.

This meeting seeks to consolidate the innovations that have been successfully implemented and promote, through presentations and debates of technical articles, the international exchange of technical, scientific and business information between professionals, companies and entities that operate in the generation, transmission sector. and electric power distribution.