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Redinter - "Acción Empresas"
Redinter seals an alliance with "Acción Empresas" to accelerate its progress towards sustainability

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Redinter - Acción Empresas

Since June 1, the company is part of the organization, whose objective is to improve the lives of people and the planet, through sustainable development.


This incorporation, which took place on June 1, marks an important milestone in the work that the company has promoted in recent years, which is based on four pillars of sustainability.

As explained by David Montero, Country Manager of Redinter in Chile, "we firmly believe that, in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the 2030 Agenda, the energy sector must take concrete steps towards sustainability. Through this collaboration, we reaffirm our commitment to implement responsible actions that contribute to a better world and to build the foundations for long-term sustainable development."

Acción Empresas is a non-profit organization, of business origin, which for 23 years has been leading the transformation of businesses in Chile, through measurable goals and under a collaborative and articulating logic. It has more than 120 member companies of various sizes, industries and fields and, since 2006, it is the Chilean chapter of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a global association made up of more than 200 executive directors of companies, with whom drives sustainability globally.

For Marcela Bravo, General Manager of Acción Empresas, this new context requires companies that are in tune with the needs of society, especially those that ensure the security and continuity of basic services, as is the case of Redinter, which today, with conviction, he is taking on this challenge. “Business sustainability is a business strategy that incorporates environmental, social and governance impacts, in addition to economic ones, which not only allows organizations to be more resilient, flexible and prepared to face current and future challenges, it also helps to look up from the short term, to situate them in the multiple opportunities that tomorrow has”.

Redinter's Sustainable Pillars

As part of its entry into Action, Redinter in Chile is committed to strengthening its sustainability initiatives, including the commitment to promote an ethical and compliance culture, promoting actions based on 4 of its sustainable pillars:

  • Anticipation and action for change: Promote an innovative and adaptable business culture, identifying growth opportunities and responding to future challenges.
  • Decarbonisation of the economy: Promote the transition towards an energy model without emissions, committing to the electrification of the economy, integrating renewable energies and developing energy storage systems.
  • Responsible value chain: Extend social responsibility to the entire value chain, from internal people to suppliers and customers, through alliances and a solid governance and integrity model.
  • Contribution to the development of the environment: Contribute to the economic, environmental and social progress of the environment, providing essential services safely and efficiently, promoting environmental conservation and social well-being, and involving communities in the company's activities.