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"Chile y sus Redes"
With electrical transmission as a key factor, Redinter connects to the “second stage” of the energy transition after participating in a national meeting of the sector

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The Seminar “Chile and its networks: challenges and opportunities of the system that will connect the country's future” had the participation of the Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow, and the executive director of the Environmental Assessment Service, Valentina Durán.


The Seminar organized by the Association of Transmitters of Chile was described as one of the crucial milestones for the energy and economic development of the country, and which included important actors in the sector, among whom was the Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow, where He highlighted the commitment of the second half of the country's energy transition, committing advances in the infrastructure that the country needs.

From Redinter, we were protagonists of the meeting, providing the experience with the consolidation of new transmission lines to strengthen the national interconnected system. Fernando Crespo, head of Environment at Grupo Redeia (parent company of Redinter), was one of the speakers at the day, who expressed the importance of the challenges faced. “We must reach a balance between the technical and ecological variables of each project, otherwise it will not work. It is our duty to talk to the communities about both the positive and negative impacts of the initiatives and propose a flexible design that considers their opinion,” he stressed.

The Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow, stressed: “This industry is characterized by seeking consensus. We are in this so-called second period of energy transition. This second period involves advancing in maintaining the momentum in clean energy penetration and also in variable ways of providing security to the network with flexible technologies.”

Precisely, part of the efforts highlighted at the Seminar were the challenges linked to transmission system planning, challenges of transmission regulation, sustainable networks and project development, environmental and social challenges, and finally the regional integration of transmission electricity in our country.

“The quality of life of 18 million Chileans depends on us. It is a tremendous and motivating challenge to improve the daily lives of all our compatriots. We have increasingly higher standards and transmission holds the key to decarbonizing our matrix. It is a very powerful challenge that depends on robust systems so that energy flows efficiently,” emphasized the President of the Board of Directors of Transmitters of Chile, Arturo Le Blanc, commemorating the third anniversary of the Association.